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Pioneering AI-Powered Travel SaaS Solutions


Since 2004, Keybrain has been at the forefront of curating personalized travel experiences. Throughout our storied journey, we've rolled out bespoke applications not only for our parent company, Keytours Vacations but also for our affiliate partners. 


Fueled by our relentless drive for innovation, in our new version, we're leading the transition to AI-powered Personal Travel Management solutions, seamlessly incorporating smart assistant technology into our travel coordination endeavors.


At the heart of our approach is the application of state-of-the-art cognitive AI, natural language processing, and machine learning. We are set on a path to redefine the paradigm of designing intricate itineraries and comprehensive trip oversight.


What sets KeyBrain apart is its elegant simplicity paired with robust versatility. Travel professionals, from agents to managers, and even consortia, find it a breeze to incorporate their exclusive content, contractual agreements, and the extensive KeyTours Vacations offerings into their routine operations. Our platform is engineered to flawlessly integrate infinite APIs, CRM tools, marketing suites, and even taps into the prowess of the ChatGPT API by OpenAI. The outcome? Users find themselves empowered to carry out a myriad of tasks via intuitive commands or simple voice prompts.


Further enhancing our offerings is the streamlined reservation system, crafted to facilitate the crafting of bespoke, comprehensive, multi-stop bookings in a mere matter of minutes. To top it all off, each journey is complemented by its mobile-responsive mini-site, ensuring travelers are equipped with the best while on their adventures.

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