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KeyBrain ver 5.5

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KeyBrain SaaS

AI-Powered Travel Solution

Since our opening, we have become masters of Personalized Travel Arrangements. Over time, we have developed many unique applications for Keytours Vacations and other sister companies.  Here are the shortlist of current KeyBrain ver 5.5 (Patent Pending) Travel management Solution functionalities.

With our commitment to progress and staying ahead of the curve to meet and exceed the needs of the current and future traveler, we are now focused on building Personal AI Travel Management solutions including smart assistant technology to power our travel arrangements.  Using cognitive AI technologies, natural language processing, and machine learning will power and enhance the future of creating complex itineraries and trip management. Our commitment to quality products, exceptional services, and incomparable customer care keep our community of clients coming back again and again.



  1. Hotels: Multiple Provider Dynamic Pricing / Best Rate comparison on a room type level.

  2. Unique Activities & Sightseeing

  3. Transfers and Transportation

  4. Airline booking through GDS

  5. Low-cost airlines (Easyjet, Ryanair, etc)

  6. Escorted Vacations & Small Group Journeys 

  7. Cruise Tours Module

  8. Flexible Vacation Packages

  9. Dynamic Packages (Create your own Vacations)

  10. Mini Web Site with built-in online Vouchers for every quote and booking

  11. Loyalty Program

  12. Tasks Management

  13. Online Interactive Training 

  14. Promotions and discounts

  15. CRM and Marketing software integration

  16. White Label & Various Marketing Tools for travel agents

    1. Agent Dashboard with Manager/roll up View

    2. Book It Button

    3. Iframe Widgets for marketing

  17. Sophisticated Reporting

  18. Customer Payment & reconciliation

  19. Supplier payment and reconciliation

  20. Customized Private Groups Modules (New)

  21. Customized Mini Web site for groups, including online registration

  22. Online payment gateway

  23. Travel consultant & Trip Survey Integration

  24. Embedded air booking system to Tours & cruise and Flexible vacations

  25. Traveler Communication before and during travel

  26. Dynamic Destination Content & Guides 

  27. Rail Booking from multiple Providers 

  28. Car rental booking from multiple providers 

  29. A.I. Webchat Engine (1st quarter 2021)

  30. Voice Recognition / Speech to Text and Text to Speech (3rd  quarter 2021)

  31. Sophisticated API for 3rd parties (2nd  quarter 2021)

  32. Attractions & Tickets (4th  quarter 2021)

  33. TripAdvisor / Google reviews  integration (2nd quarter 2021)

  34. Cruise booking (1st  quarter 2022)

  35. Ferry Boat Booking (1st  quarter 2022)

  36. Adaptive web site Engine (4th quarter 2021)

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