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Cruise booking using AI Virtual Assistant

Interactive engagement with traveler which user able to search, filter and book their vacation needs are the best customer journey protocol, in our AI Virtual Assistant user model, I like to demonstrate how AI's, Natural Language Processing techniques can be implemented to establish a dialog to search a cruise line, select cruise itinerary, book cabin, add multiple shore excursions finally offer air and hotel booking options to finish a proposal and later build a Whitelabel mini-website which user may convert this proposal to booking.

Although Keybrain's AI engine, system business rules and access to multiple APIs will stay the same, because of all front end integration are the different, Virtual Assistants ( Bots or Speech) needs to redesign and sometimes tweak to accommodate this user interaction flow, in this sample Facebook Messenger let us know the user details, we do not need to ask user name or email, also the interaction carousels and rich media controls are slightly different than other ChatBots.

Going forward Machine Learning techniques could be implemented and based on user profile, AI Virtual assistant offers more relevant options and eliminate some questions such as what type of cruise etc. is looking for

  • Travel partners who would like to integrate Virtual Assistant into their systems. We plan to make this system very affordable to all of our travel agency partners in early 2021.

  • Suppliers who would like to offer their services and products through our system

  • Investors who share the same vision of the future of travel technology and can help us to carry this system to the next levels.

Please contact:

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